The Hourglass Experience

Mystery. Creativity. Fun.

At Hourglass Cafe and Bar, we strive to exist at the intersection of these three concepts. Our food is meant to be shared, and it delivers a fusion of flavors from around the world, with inspiration from the cuisines of the Caribbean, the Middle East, Italy, India, and even the frozen tundra of… Canada. (Saag Paneer Poutine, anyone?) Our cocktails are as serious in their construction as they are whimsical in their appearance. (Try the Eureka! — a glowing gin-based concoction in served in a lightbulb…)

We are connected to The Lodge of Lazarus Crowe, an immersive escape room-style experience that has you exploring our old mortuary building in the world of a supernatural secret society, and uncovering the secrets of The Lodge. We also have puzzle games from Trapped Puzzle Rooms available for purchase or rent, board games to play, and a giant crow to look at overhead. (It’s cool.)

Come experience the Hourglass Cafe and Bar for yourself, whether it’s for a quick bite to eat or every week for 3 hours as your DnD campaign concludes. We’re open Wednesday-Sunday, no reservations necessary, and if you have any questions or want to hold an event in our space, our contact info is at the bottom of this page — we’d love to hear from you!